Football Program Renovates and Upgrades Locker Rooms

Football Program Renovates and Upgrades Locker Rooms

BUCKHANNON – Over the last several years, the facilities of the West Virginia Wesleyan football program have undergone several phases of construction to benefit the student-athletes, coaches and fans.

This has included new bleachers and the addition of artificial turf being put down on the playing surface of Ross Field.

A $25,000 gift/donation to the football program was the catalyst for the newest upgrade --  the recently completed overhaul of the football locker room.

"Even though we didn't have the greatest locker room, we challenged our players in the off-season to take care of what they already had," head coach Del Smith remarked. "Our locker room was nothing to write home about. It was an eye sore on recruiting visits. Our players kept it spotless though during spring ball regardless of its current condition."

Renovations to the locker rooms included:

1. New rubber flooring 

2. Paint and trim 

3. Ceiling tiles

4. Painted and new lockers

5. Custom name plates 

6. Individual locker stools 

7. Championship banners

8. Wall graphics and signage 

9. 70-inch smart television

10. PlayStation 4 and games 

11. Countdown to kickoff clock 

12. Custom furniture 

13. White boards 

14. Sound system

All of the renovations were handled by the football coaching staff.

"With the amount of work our players have put in during the off-season between the class room, weight room, playing field and in the community, they deserve to have a space that they can be proud of," Del stated. "I have seen more guys hanging out in the facility in the last few days than in the previous seven months combined. That's exactly where we want them to want to be."

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