Smith Announces 2018 Recruiting Class

Smith Announces 2018 Recruiting Class

The WVWC football staff has announced the addition of 33 new student-athletes as members of the 2018 recruiting class. "I am very thankful for the hard work that our coaching staff has put in over the course of the last calendar year." remarked, Smith. "A lot of behind the scenes work goes into putting a class of this caliber together. I want to thank our players, faculty, dining hall staff, admissions and compliance offices for their relentless efforts supporting our recruiting needs." 

In total, the class includes players from the states of West Virginia (6), Maryland (10), Virginia (8), Ohio (4), Pennsylvania (1), Georgia (1), and New York (1). "When you look at this class from top to bottom, we have addressed some very specific needs on our depth chart." remarked, Smith. "This class carries as average GPA of 3.4 and countless academic and athletic accolades." 

Positionally, the Cats are welcoming two quarterbacks, eight players in the secondary, one running back, one wide receiver, five linebackers, three defensive lineman, eight offensive linemen, and one kicker. "To date, we still have some needs that have to be addressed." commented, Smith. "We are still very active on the recruiting front and have some exciting additions to announce in the days to come." 

The Cats are in the middle of their off-season strength and conditioning program and look forward to getting back on the field for the start of spring ball on March 20th. Looking forward, the Cats are slated to play their spring game on Friday, April 20th. Below you will find recruit information and highlights. 

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6'0 190 Springdale, MD - "Josh is a really explosive playmaker on defense. He has the ability to play multiple positions with his great length and speed." Coach Del Smith 

5'11 175 Brooklyn, NY - "We are really pleased to add Jaylen's speed and skill set to the offensive backfield. Anytime you run sub 11 in the 100, you are rolling." Coach Del Smith 

6'0 185 Waldorf, MD "Braxton is a welcome addition to the secondary. In this league, you better have some length on the back end. Braxton has a great skill set." Coach Del Smith 

6'1 200 Germantown, MD - "Greg is a really exciting player to watch on film. He is fast, physical, long, and smart. I am very excited to have him in the LB room." Coach Del Smith 

5'8 185 Charleston, WV - "Uriah is a very physical linebacker. He is going to make a nice addition to the LB room and has some great football ahead of him." Coach Del Smith 

6'0 215 Chesterfield, VA - "Manny" is a physical LB that has the ability to cover in space and hold up in the box. We are really excited to welcome his family to ours." Coach Del Smith 

5'7 160 Middle River, MD - "Don't blink! Coop is a dynamic playmaker that continues our great relationship with Calvert Hall HS. He adds a level of speed and quickness to our receiver corps that will help us offensively." 

6'4 330 Columbia, MD - "Reggie brings the physical size and strength we need on the offensive line to be more competetive in the MEC. He is a great student and great player." Coach Del Smith 

6'6 220 Ashburn, VA - "Ike brings the length and get off you need at defensive end in the MEC. He is physical and has the ability to be a dominant end in the future." Coach Del Smith 

5'10 185 Hampton, VA - "Dequandre continues the Phoebus pipeline and will add instant versatility to our back end. He is physical, fast, and a smart football player." Coach Del Smith 

6'2 275 Herndon, VA - "I have known the Fitzgerald family for 7 years and have been looking forward to the opportunity to recruit Brendan. He has always shown a ton of promise as a great offensive lineman." Coach Del Smith 

6'3 298 Haymarket, VA - "Big Jake is a welcome addition to the offensive line unit. He is a student of the game, physical, and comes from a great family. We are pumped to welcome him to the family." Coach Del Smith 

6'0 215 Charleston, WV - "Chase is a welcome addition to the LB room. He is physical and provdes and immediate presence in the box. Great student from a great family." Coach Del Smith 

6'3 250 Cumberland, MD - "The first we noticed about Kaled was his non-stop motor. He plays full speed, all the time, and will be a welcome addition to the DL room." Coach Del Smith 

6'6 285 Germantown, MD - "Andrew brings the size and skill set we need to be competetive in the MEC. He comes from a great family and HS program and we are very excited to have him in our program." Coach Del Smith

6'0 170 Ashburn, VA - "We are excited to add Spencer to the 2018 class. He has all the tools to be successful on this level and has a great family pedigree." Coach Del Smith

5'11 180 Chesterfield, VA - "Deontre is a very rangy overhang player that tackles really well in space. He is a graduate of my alma mater, Benedictine College Prep, and is everything we are looking for in a student-athlete at WVWC." Coach Del Smith. 

6'1 220 Fredericksburg, VA - "Dylan is a much needed addition to this class. The three players in your program that are a must have are quarterback, long snapper, and kicker. We are excited to have him on board." Coach Del Smith 

5'9 205 Blackshear, GA - "Renard is the definition of a student-athlete. He is a relentless competitor and natural leader. I am looking forward to having him in my position group." Coach Del Smith 

6'0 170 Bridgeport, WV - "We have enjoyed watching John lead one of the most successful teams in the state. He is going to bring a winning mentality to the back end of our defense." Coach Del Smith 

6'3 260 Summersville, WV - "Trey is a legacy student and will follow his dad as a member of the Bobcat football program. His best football days are ahead of him and we can't wait to watch him develop into a great lineman in the Mountain East." 

5'11 175 Gambrills, MD - "Ephraim is the total package at defensive back. He is long, physical, plays the ball well in the air, and has a high football IQ." Coach Del Smith 

6'1 175 Leonardtown, MD - "Camden has a big leg and we look forward to seeing him continue to get better during his time here. He provides excellent range for our FG unit." Coach Del Smith 

6'2 275 Oceana, WV - "Bryce is a big, physical, interior lineman that rolls off the ball. We are happy to have him in the OL room." Coach Del Smith 

6'2 185 Baltimore, MD - "Andre provides the range and physical play that we have been looking for at the safety position. He has immediate impact ability." Coach Del Smith 

6'0 175 Cleveland, OH - "Quinton has a nose for the football combined with the speed and length to play multiple positions. He has some big play ability on defense." Coach Del Smith 

5'11 195 Hampton, VA - "Juan is dynamic and brings a lot of versatility to the table defensively. He can rush the passer, stop the run, and cover very well." Coach Del Smith 

6'2 270 Inwood, WV - "David is as steady as they come on the OL. He is very consistent and has a skill set that translates well to our style of play." Coach Del Smith 


6'2 210 Hilliard, OH - "I was impressed with Josh from the first moment I met him in school. He is polished, mobile, intelligent, a winner, and has all of the tools you are looking for at the quarterback position." Coach Del Smith                                                                                                                                                  

5'10 165 Upper Marlboro, MD - "I have known Devin for four years and understand exactly what we are getting. He is a very competetive playmaker and will provide a physical presence at defenisve back." Coach Del Smith 

6'3 185 Monroeville, PA - "Brady is a winner. He has started for multiple years and had a tremendous amount of success. His mobility and ability to extend plays are an asset to the offense." Coach Del Smith 

6'1 265 Cleveland Heights, OH - "Ahmad is very versatile on the offensive line. He has the ability to multiple interior positions and will be a really good player in this league as his body continues to develop." Coach Del Smith 

6'2 185 Marlinton, WV - "Briar is a great player from the mountain state. He is versatile in his ability to play multiple positions. Having played QB, his football IQ is very high." Coach Del Smith