15 Questions With...Darla Quevedo

15 Questions With...Darla Quevedo

1. What sport do you play?


2. What is your favorite athletic moment at Wesleyan?

My sophomore year when we found out we were playing in the first lacrosse MEC championship game.

3. Describe your toughest practice at Wesleyan? 

One day earlier this semester there was about five inches of snow on the turf and it was 24⁰F outside it was just too cold for me!

4. What is your favorite saying from your head coach Hannah Livley?

There's no traffic in the extra mile.

5. What was or is the favorite class you have taken at Wesleyan, what year was it and who taught the class? 

Microbiology with Dr. Sal when I was a junior.

6. What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?

My favorite thing about Wesleyan is how small it is and how friendly all of the professors are.

7. What was your initial thoughts of Buckhannon when you arrived as a freshman?  

I was excited but I missed home a lot.

8. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

My greatest strength is being able to balance many responsibilities. My greatest weakness is how much I hate running.

9. Who is your hero? And Why?

Emily Noel because she was a always a good teammate and friend and now a great coach. In addition, she is a super lolzy person!

10.  What question do you hate to answer?

Did you do the winter workout packet?

11.  What is your favorite food? 

Chips and salsa.

12.  What is your favorite restaurant in the entire world?


13.  Favorite vacation spot?

Disney World.

14.  What are your plans after graduation?

Pharmacy school at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

15.  What advice you would give to freshmen on your team?

Don't take these years for granted because it flies by.