Wesleyan Swim Teams Meet USMC Challenge

Wesleyan Swim Teams Meet USMC Challenge

BUCKHANNON -- The West Virginia Wesleyan College swim teams met a challenge by the United States Marine Corps honoring the Corps' 241st birthday on Nov. 10. 

The team swam 241 x 50's which is 12,050 yards in three hours, totaling 7.3 miles, in honor of the 241st birthday and to memorialize all Marines and servicemen and women. 

Nine swimmers completed the entire challenge while everyone on the team participated in at least part of it.

Current Wesleyan swimmer, Tyler Ducar from Hampton, Va., plans to join the Marine Corp following graduation and comes from a long line of Marines.

"It was a great way to pay our respects to the men and women who serve our great country," remarked head coach April Gitzen.

Cutline: l-r: Jordan Miller of Waynesboro, Va., Marylee Gowdy of Berryville, Va., Dan Williams of Allen Town, Pa., Ashton Cole of Kenton, Ohio, Theresa Burgess of York, Pa. Second row: Logan Knoyer of Uniontown, Pa., Ducar, Scott Heckathorn of Warrenton, Va., and Dominik Schopper of Vienna, Austria.